Public Transportation


Also known as: automotive glass for public transport, automotive glass for subway, automotive glass for tram, automotive glass for train, automotive glass for busses, automotive glass for special vehicles.


Our expertise in the manufacture of security glass has enabled the development of high impact windscreen glass for trains and metro trams and our ability to produce a wide range of processes, including double glazed units, means that we are a major supplier of body side glass for passenger carriages. A ‘one stop shop’ for all rail glazing requirements we provide everything you could need, from simple interior partitions to more sophisticated units or impact resistant windscreens for both original and spares. Our teams have the experience and expertise to design and manufacture rail products meeting customer and industry standards. Our wide product range includes glasses and glazing systems for regional, long-distance and high-speed trains as well as for cogwheel trains, cable cars and trams:

Our product range:

  • side windows for passenger compartments
  • entrance doors for passenger's and driver's compartment
  • windows for driver's cab
  • windscreens
  • partition wall systems
  • glazing for luggage rack systems
  • fire protection systems

Each glass or system can be combined with different functions fulfilling the complex requirements on safety, technical functionality and comfort in every respect. Our quality standard does not only apply to our products. You can also rely on our service during any phase of your project. We advise you with our know-how in the domain of rail vehicles, and offer you active support and cooperation in numerous fields:

Our service:

  • solutions for active and passive safety-relevant demands
  • equipments for fire protection and other safety or emergency indicents
  • resistance calculations for system design
  • technical preparation based on the specifications required for light-, energy- and noise-control.

Bus and special vehicles

New Glass Technology is supplying glasses for buses and special vehicles. Therefore, you benefit from our wide product range also in this field: the spectrum includes single-shell or laminated glasses, flat or curved glasses. All of our glasses can be combined with numerous functions. The use of glass in the field of vehicle construction has doubled and functional demands have increased. 
Today, automotive glazing is above all a basic element for the optimisation of the passive and active safety. Consequently, our glazing systems are always processed with safety glass - independent from other functions - and have the necessary regulatory approvals.

Our coatings for solar control and thermal insulation provide perfect visibility, even at extremely low temperature or intense sun radiation. The individual screenprint design offers you additional aesthetic and technical possibilities. The diversity of geometric shapes and mechanic components round off our portfolio. For the production of single and small series, New Glass Technology is also a flexible and efficient partner. 
We adapt all production flows individually to your needs and demands. Kindly contact us, we'll gladly advise you.