Digital printing on glass


Also known as: ceramic digital printing on glass, digital screen printed glass, artlite digital

Glass Ceramic digital printing

Designs can be implemented in previously unattainable dimensions, with incomparable resolution and focal precision, and with unique color intensity. The end product, refined in this way, not only meets the most challenging aesthetic demands but also satisfies on a sustainable basis all functional and material requirements.

For both indoors and outdoors

Ceramic digital printing technology - is ideally suited for implementing glass designs quickly, easily, and economically - both for interiors and exteriors. Glass areas can be enhanced with high-level resolution and brilliant color intensity - according exactly to customer specifications and taste. Ceramic digital printing - unlike conventional screen printing - can print a number of different colors simultaneously.

The motif of your choice

With ceramic digital printing technology, absolutely any motif can be edited and sent to the printing machine. Special print heads then transfer the ceramic ink onto the glass with pinpoint accuracy. Finally the chosen motif is fused permanently with the glass surface.

Really impressive large-scale formats

The ceramic digital printing process used permits analysis and breakdown of large-scale images into individual frames. In this way the façades of entire buildings can be glazed - economically and according exactly to the customer's wishes, e.g. with a company logo, images, or ornamental designs.