Also known as: LED-stripes integrated in laminated glass, LED in glass, illuminated led glass, laminated Glassiled.

Glass comes alive with an interplay of light and color

Led in glass is a glass that comes alive with an interplay of light and colour. Led in glass is a system offering infinite possibilities for indoor and outdoor use, creating dynamic and interactive architectures and ambiances, and highlighting design and the creation of communication structures (walls, media facades).


  • Assistance in the conceptualization and programming of possible set ups
  • Simplicity of the remote control design and preprogramming
  • Simplified maintenance.


  • Instantaneous
  • Homogeneous lighting
  • Relative transparency while in the 'off' position.

Functions and applications

In bringing glass to life by using lighting and color both during the day as well as at night - Led in glass uses a variety of indoor supports (vertical separation, floors, ceilings, doors, furnishings, fitting rooms...) and outdoor supports (store windows, double glazed walls, facade bay windows, urban furnishings...).
And equally in:

  • Shopping centers, department stores, showrooms and boutiques
  • Bars, discotheques, restaurants, hotels and cruise ships
  • Museums, galleries, exhibition stands and scenic decorations
  • Palliative care units, doctor's and dentists offices, fitness centers and spas
  • Stadiums, gymnasiums, pools and sports centers
  • Theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and convention centers
  • Corporate headquarters, agencies and administration buildings
  • Train stations, airport terminals, toll booths, bus stops.

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