Surface Laser Engraving


Also known as: laser engraving on glass, antislip engraving on glass.

Micromatting (Surface engraving by laser)

Large Format Laser Engraving on the Glass Surface.

The usage of a CO2 laser allows surface engraving with a quality and quantity unknown until today. The brilliant in-glass visualization of any given illustration or photo is now possible. Cost intensive sandblasting of glass is now obsolete while there are no limits in any dimension. Changing the intensity of the laser changes the opacity from nearly transparent to nearly solid. Micromatting results in a glass surface that is easy to clean and fingerprint-proof.

The anti-slip functionality from NGT is used for glass steps or glass floors. It is a wear and tear resistant choice much better compared with all other solutions used today.

Beautiful effects are possible with opaque and coated glass or mirrors. The high precision laser engraving can be used to partially remove coatings which can be used for images with a stunning precision.

  • Brilliant visualizations
  • Engraving of mirrors and coated glass
  • Engraving with coloring possible
  • Easy to clean
  • Fingerprint-proof and dirt resistant
  • Slip resistance R9 and R10 certified in accordance with DIN 51130