Screenline venetion blinds


Also known under the names Screen line, Luxaclair, blinds in between glass, Insulight, Pellini

Screenline: your blinds and window decoration are protected by glass.

ScreenLine is a system in which a blind, plissé curtain or roller-blind is mounted between the glass in an insulating glass unit.

The product does not change the characteristics of the insulation glass and is completely protected by it. Consequently, dust, dirt and weather circumstances do not influence ScreenLine, which makes maintenance unnecessary.

It is a sophisticated window system for sun and light regulation that is suitable for many situations. For an office building, health care institution, catering enterprise or house: the product line can be delivered in many varieties and can be attuned to individual needs.

ScreenLine is a high-quality product line that has been developed out of a high-tech vision and meets strict norms with regard to quality, user friendliness and durability.

Advantages of double-glazing with blinds

Light and heat regulation

You determine the amount of heat and light you wish to allow into the room. You can pull up the blinds or let them down. By tilting the blinds, you can regulate the light intensity perfectly. With plissé curtains, you can choose from three, and even from four transparencies with a roller-blind.

Comfortable user friendliness

ScreenLine is delivered with a cord operation with which you can easily raise or lower the system. The system can also be delivered motorized for more ease.

Hygienic - you will never have to clean again

ScreenLine is in between glass, well protected from dust and dirt. You will never have to clean the blinds again! All you need to do is clean the windows once in a while. Especially in a humid room such as the bathroom or the kitchen, this is a welcome solution.

Safe for children, longer lifespan

Your children cannot become caught in the tangle of cords of traditional blinds or cut themselves on the lamellas. At the same time, your blinds are protected by the glass, which means the lifespan of the product is influenced in a positive way.

Saves space

Because your blinds, plissé curtains or roller-blinds are no longer above the windowsill, you can utilize this space as you like. Additionally, the wind no longer influences your blinds, which keeps your belongings safe on the windowsill.

Protect your privacy whenever you wish

By choosing the transparencies for your plissé curtains and roller-blinds, and the operation possibilities for blinds, you can determine the level of privacy in each room.

The various systems

The ScreenLine program consists of three systems:

System - blinds

System - Plissé curtains

System - Roller-blinds

The various operation systems

The ScreenLine program has 4 operation forms:

Operation system – Button

System SL20P of ScreenLine includes a blind with 12,5mm lamella, designed for assembly in a double glass unit with a hollow of 20mm. The manual tilting function is made possible by means of a cable mechanism and an external button.

The turning, magnetic mechanism is located at the side of the unit and has completely been integrated into the double glass unit. As a result, the hermetic sealing of the unit remains intact. The especially designed corner fitting in which the turning magnet is located is connected to the external button by means of a flexible cable that is situated in the hollow space of the window frame.

The technical design of the system guarantees a supple operation of the external button to the blinds without compromising the hermetic sealing of the double glass unit. The only visible operating mechanism is the external button on the window frame, which leaves the glass completely free and easy to clean.

SL20P blinds
SL24P blinds
width (mm)
height (mm)
max (m²)

Operating system – Cord

The ScreenLine system with manual operation works by means of magnetic transference. The one magnet is placed on the upper beam of the product between the glass and the other magnet in the external operating system. By placing these magnets on each other and operating the cord, the external magnet makes the internal magnet rotate due to which the product goes up and down. This mechanism does not compromise the hermetic sealing of the double-glazing unit. The magnets (Neodymium N3 5H) have an unlimited lifespan and can withstand a temperature of 120˚C.

This system can be applied in a hollow width of 20, 22, 27 and 32mm for blinds and plissé curtains, and 27mm hollow for roller-blinds.

Possible manual operation:

Cord operation

Available in white, light grey, transparent and anthracite. With this system, the product can be pulled up and tilted. It is delivered with a cord tension pulley in the same color. The cord tension pulley ensures that the cord is close against the window.

Flat cord operation

Available in white, transparent and light grey. With this system, the product can be pulled up and tilted. The flat format offers the possibility of appling it to sliding doors. Moreover, it is child proof: when a certain weight pulls on the cord, the top is released and it falls down. This system is also delivered with a cord tension pulley in the same color.

Button operation

Available in white and grey. This system mainly offers a tilting function when raising or lowering is not desired.

Tilting bar

Available in transparent. This system gives the product a tilting function.

SL20 22C blinds
SL27 32C blinds
SL20 22C plissé curtain
SL27 32C plissé curtain
SL27 32C plissé duette
SL27 32C roller-blinds
width (mm)
height (mm)
300-Varies per applied type of fabric

Operating system – Engine

The systems SL20M, SL22M and SL27M of ScreenLine are a clear improvement compared to the existing rising, motorized systems for placement in double glass units. Progress has been made in the field of faster installation, and a safer and suppler system, which extends the lifespan.

The motorized blinds, plissé curtains or roller-blinds have an internal engine in the upper beam with a micro control unit plus encoder, which makes it possible to synchronize the products.

These are the radiographic engines (24V). Pellini also has developed the border equipment for the engine itself. A combination of individual and group operation, remote controlled or with a switch, can be made.

SL20 22M blinds
SL27M blinds
SL20 22M plissé curtain
SL27M plissé curtain
SL27 32M plissé duette
SL27M roller-blinds
width (mm)
height (mm)
200- Varies per applied type of fabric
max (m²)

Operating system – Slide magnet

System SL20S of ScreenLine is a manually operated system with a 14mm plissé curtain in a 20mm hollow. The plissé curtain is operated by sliding an external slide magnet, connected to an internal magnet, across the surface of the glass. The Verosol cloth, with an evaporated aluminum layer on the backside, provides heat absorbing and light regulating characteristics and it improves the U-value. The L-shaped profiles at the side prevent light leakage.

The solid design and effective operation make it possible to place this system under a corner of 90˚ to 0˚, but the operation can also be placed from top to bottom, from bottom to top, or from left to right. This makes it especially suitable for placement in attic windows and sloped roofs.

Additionally, the system has been built up modularly; the basic model is placed in a hollow of 20mm but can also be placed in a hollow of 24mm or 27mm. It is possible to place the two systems in one double glass unit.

SL20 22S plissé
width (mm)
height (mm)

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